What is Unique about MFC?

What is unique about Motheread/Fatheread Colorado?

  • We evaluated many literacy programs before selecting Motheread, which helps educators go beyond basic literacy instruction to foster family-based interaction around books and ideas, increasing the ability of parents, volunteers and caregivers to communicate with children effectively as teachers and role models.
  • Through Motheread/Fatheread Colorado, we help create family environments that cultivate learning and trust in educational systems, provide encouragement and motivation for children's interest and aptitude for literacy, and promote their school readiness and ongoing success in school.
  • In Motheread classes, parents are exposed to parenting and learning concepts along with tools and reading strategies that build comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Motheread encourages adults to hold or sit close to their children while reading aloud, asking questions, acting out the story through the use of simple props, such as dress-up clothes, stuffed animals, building blocks or hand puppets, and combining the story-telling with singing and age-appropriate games.
  • Motheread/Fatheread programs are versatile and flexible, so that each educator may tailor the program to the needs of their constituents
  • Motheread books, high-quality children's literature, are chosen to suit individual communities and respect cultural differences. They address the five early childhood development themes of expressing needs and feelings, establishing independence, understanding family values, sharing and cooperating and understanding self.
  • For educators involved in the Spanish language program, Motheread/Fatheread Colorado offers the workshop "Working with Spanish Speaking Families." The workshop enhances cultural sensitivities, teaches specific strategies for working with Spanish-speaking families.
  • Geared for five different age groups, current curricula consists of the Literacy and Parent Education Teacher's Guide for child and family development, and the Story Exploring Handbook to build reading skills of children.
  • Motheread/Fatheread Colorado training institutes, materials and books are provided at no cost to participants.

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