Theodore Roosevelt and Water in the West

Join us for a unique, two-day event on Friday, June 29 and Saturday, June 30.

Highlighted will be current water issues in the context of decisions made during the time of Theodore Roosevelt. Noted historians Clay Jenkinson, Patricia Limerick, and Elliott West and panelists Thomas Andrews, Matthew Makley, Amber Tafoya, and Sid Wilson will be featured. Justice Greg Hobbs will also present.

Theodore Roosevelt (portrayed by Clay Jenkinson, who is also a Chautauquan scholar) will give a talk and take questions from the audience.

Especially for Colorado educators, on Friday from 8 am to 3:30 pm, will be a Library of Congress development workshop opportunity led by Clay Jenkinson, Patricia Limerick and Elliott West.

Expect information, enlightenment and entertainment.

Open to the public. For the full schedule, additional information and to register for the event, contact History Colorado.