Old Fashioned Fourth of July with Thomas Jefferson

Four Mile Historic Park

715 South Forest Street

Denver, CO 80246

Benjamin Franklin was a writer, scientist, philosopher, statesman and businessman. He developed a set of values and assumptions about human existence that grew into a cultural credo for the 18th century. Twenty-first century Americans can identify with Franklin's pragmatism, his work ethic and his ideas about civic duty and self-reliance.

By 1748, Franklin was a very wealthy man. He owned seven newspapers in five cities and also held government contracts for printing. In many ways, Franklin could be called "the first American" because he established models for ways of thinking and acting which became typical of democratic culture in America. He wanted Americans to be at liberty and to respect the liberty of others in matters of opinions, religion, free speech, and a free press.


4 July 2010 - 10:30am
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