Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Training for Educators

The next Motheread/Fatheread Training Institute is Aug. 19, 20 and 21 in Grand Junction.

Space is limited, so literacy educators are encouraged to register now to secure a place.

Contact Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Program Coordinator Vera Atilano, 303-894-7951 x12.


Childcare providers, early childhood and adult educators, literacy providers, administrators and literacy agencies serving parents and children statewide benefit from Motheread/Fatheread Colorado.


Motheread+Teacheread and Story Exploring institutes train educators in Motheread's research-based curricula designed to support the advancement of early childhood and family literacy. Motheread books are high-quality children's literature from worldwide cultures. Most are available in English, Spanish or bilingually. Literacy educators are trained to deliver the program to parents or children at their local libraries, family resource centers, public schools, childcare centers and in-home childcare facilities. Parents or adult caregivers and children read together and talk about the issues in the stories and in their lives. Children develop reading skills and interest in learning at an early age through Motheread/Fatheread Colorado, and are better prepared to enter school and achieve ongoing success in their studies.

Motheread books are specially selected, developmentally-appropriate texts for children with beautiful illustrations. Motheread books are categorized in five early childhood learning themes -- expressing needs and feelings, establishing independence, understanding family values, sharing and cooperating, and self possibilities.

Motheread starts with the heart and works from there. The unique, highly effective and accessible curricula and formats provided in our Motheread+Teacheread and Story Exploring institutes help adults -- no matter what their reading level -- share books with children and have fun while they do!

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How Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Works

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Motheread/Fatheread Colorado helps prepare children for school one story at a time. The goal of the program is to help close the reading ability gap by third grade by making books and reading a part of every home and childcare center.  Parents and childcare providers who cannot read or read well who participate in the program can increase their own reading level as they help their children experience the pleasure of reading. And it's fun!

Participants in the Story Exploring training institute for educators can count its six documented training hours towards their Qualistar RatingTM score (

What is unique about Motheread/Fatheread Colorado?

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Where and When

Contact us to find out about our next Motheread+Teacheread 3-day institute for adult educators and family literacy administrators, and our six-hour, one-day Story Exploring training for childcare providers, teachers and librarians in your area.

How Much

Training in Motheread+Teacheread (a $675 value) and Story Exploring (a $325 value) is free.

Thanks to our Social Innovation Fund grant award from Mile High United Way, with matching funds from Motheread/Fatheread Colorado's other important supporters, we are able to pay tuition and travel costs for educators to attend the institutes and provide starter sets of Motheread books.  Contact us for upcoming trainings, or you may set your own date for your staff in your community. 303.894.7951, or Vera Atilano at

Endorsements for Motheread/Fatheread Colorado

"I recently attended Motheread+Teacheread and Story Exploring training institutes in Denver, and the experience was challenging, interactive and life changing for me. The institutes revolutionized how I think about early literacy and the value of parent/child interaction toward school-readiness -- a total paradigm shift that reinforces the idea that, by reading children's literature to their kids, parents become more equipped to help them learn to read for themselves."

"As a result of Motheread/Fatheread Colorado, our approach to story time is more cohesive, comprehensive and strategic."

"I'm much more confident about weaving early literacy into my story times, and better able to help parents understand that talking, singing, reading, writing and playing with their children is creating an early literacy environment."


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