Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Facilitator Training

Motheread/Fatheread® Colorado Improves Children's TS Gold Scores!

In classes parents practice literacy skills and share strategies for creating a learning culture in the home and ways to enjoy reading together.

Based on a randomized controlled trial impact study in partnership with OMNI Institute and funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service via Mile High United Way and many other funders.

*Exploratory analyses examining TS Gold scores approximately 15 months after parents completed the program suggests that the program may have a delayed but meaningful effect on the TS Gold Language score. Children whose parents participated in the program showed higher rates of growth on the TS Gold Language domain after the program ended than children whose parents were in the control group.

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Facilitator Training

Our Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Institute trains and certifies individuals to facilitate parent group sessions using Motheread's research-based curricula designed to support the advancement of early childhood and family literacy.  Using children's litrature as its basis, the 3-day Motheread Institute helps individuals learn how to teach parents fun ways to share stories and promote their children's literacy development. Parents participating in Motheread/Fatheread classes are much more likely to establish regular reading times and practice active reading with their children.

Individuals participating in a Motheread/Fatheread Institute can earn 2.0 CEUs from North Carolina University.

Training topics include teaching approaches and learning styles, parent education, family engagment, literacy curriculum development, instructional techniques, lesson planning, preparation and presentations, program implementation and evaluation, as well as active group learning and time to practice teaching the curriculum.

The unique, highly effective and accessible Motheread+Teacheread and Story Exploring curricula help adults -- no matter what their reading level -- share books with children and have fun while they do!

To register for our next Motheread/Fatheread 3-day institute in Colorado Springs February 6-8 CLICK HERE. Need help registering or want to learn more? Email Debbie Butkus.

A Motheread/Fatheread Institute (a $750 value) is free to individuals, thanks to generous sponsorship. We raise funds with partners to pay tuition and travel costs for educators to attend trainings and to provide starter sets of Motheread books to implementing agencies. We partner with local agencies to host institutes and trainings around the state. Our next Institute is planned for Colorado Springs in February.

"I recently attended Motheread+Teacheread and Story Exploring training in Denver, and the experience was challenging, interactive and life changing for me. The institutes revolutionized how I think about early literacy and the value of parent/child interaction toward school-readiness -- a total paradigm shift that reinforces the idea that, by reading children's literature to their kids, parents become more equipped to help them learn to read for themselves."

"As a result of Motheread/Fatheread Colorado, our approach to story time is more cohesive, comprehensive and strategic."

"I'm much more confident about weaving early literacy into my story times, and better able to help parents understand that talking, singing, reading, writing and playing with their children is creating an early literacy environment."

"Research shows Story Exploring enhances students' literacy development and increases engagement with books."


Resources for Trained Motheread/Fatheread Educators

Educator Feedback Form
English Parent Information Form
Spanish Parent Information Form
Attendance Log
Implementation Plan
Parent Reading Log
Spanish Parent Reading Log

Books for Babies
Busy Fingers
Creepers as Readers
Don't Sit Still
More Than Ears
Preschoolers Reading
Preschoolers Writing
Tips for Toddlers
Ways to Open a Book

Books for Babies - Spanish
Busy Fingers - Spanish
Creepers as Readers - Spanish
Don't Sit Still - Spanish
Preschoolers Reading - Spanish
Preschoolers Writing - Spanish
Tips for Toddlers - Spanish


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