Chautauqua Speakers Bureau presents Nation at the Crossroads

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president four times, more than any man in U.S. history. Although born and raised in a privileged New York family, FDR became the spokesman for the average American. After 1921 he was unable to walk on his own because of polio, but he later brought the country back to its feet. During his administration, Social Security, the Securities and Exchange Commission and other programs were established to deal with the economic depression. Probably more than any president in the 20th century, FDR changed the executive branch into a stronger, more active partner in achieving the common good of the country. FDR dealt with two major crises of the 20th century: The Great Depression, which lasted through most of the 1930s, and World War II. Both crises elicited from FDR the humanity, vision, determination, negotiation and leadership which lifted him into the realm of great American presidents. During his presidency, from 1933 to 1945, FDR became known for his famous “Fireside Chats.”

Richard Marold has taught history on both the secondary and college levels. He holds a MA in Humanities from Penn State University and has portrayed FDR throughout his home state of Colorado as well as before educational and professional groups nationwide. This event is only to UNC students.

29 July 2009 (All day)
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