2009 Two Rivers Chautauqua

Our professional Chautauquans are actors and historians who come from around the country to perform at Cross Orchards Historic Site. Joining them during the daytime will be local talent and Young Chautauquans from our schools, as well as food vendors, musicians and local volunteers who bring the Cross Orchards site alive for an old-time apple pressing.

Two Rivers Chautauqua offers two full days--Friday, September 18 and Saturday, September 19 in 2009--filled with enlightening, educational and entertaining events. Two Rivers Chautauqua is held at the Museum of Western Colorado's Cross Orchards Historic Site in Grand Junction. For more information on previous year's Two Rivers Chautauqua, or on the Museum of Western Colorado, please visit the Museum of Western Colorado's website.

Please click here for a complete schedule of events.

Doug Mishler as P.T. Barnum

Attendees of past Two Rivers Chautauqua will recognize Doug Mishler; he has been with us each year - Theodore Roosevelt in 2006, J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur in 2007 and Ernie Pyle in 2008. This year he brings us P.T. Barnum.

Doug Mishler as P.T. Barnum

Doug has brought history to life in well over one thousand Chautauqua presentations and one-man shows. As well as Roosevelt, de Crevecoeur, Pyle and Barnum, he has performed as Henry Ford, William Lloyd Garrison, Capt. William Clark, Andrew Carnegie, the Reverend Billy Sunday, Thomas Hart Benton, Edward R. Murrow, President Jefferson Davis, Upton Sinclair and Governor George C. Wallace. With a Ph.D. in American cultural history, Doug is an independent scholar and teaches at the University of Nevada at Reno, and he acts and directs theater to improve upon his performances.

Annette Baldwin as Coco Chanel

Annette Baldwin's first-person stories of courageous, unconventional women have appeared in 200 cities across the country, at libraries, colleges and universities, professional associations, community organizations and historical societies and museums, including the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution.

Annette Baldwin as Coco Chanel

Her portrayals of Coco Chanel, Civil War spy Elizabeth Van Lew, journalist Dorothy Thompson, humanitarian Jane Addams and women's activist Susan B. Anthony have been seen on chautauqua stages in Illinois, Missouri, New Hampshire, Maryland, with four performances for the High Plains Chautauqua in Greeley, Colorado.

Susan Marie Frontczak as Irene Castle

Susan Marie Frontczak is another familiar Chautauquan here in the Grand Valley. She brought Marie Curie to us in 2006 and Eleanor Roosevelt in 2008. In September she will bring us Irene Castle - fashion trend-setter, silent film heroine, animal rights activist and - above all - half of the inimitable Ragtime dancing duo of Vernon and Irene Castle.

Susan Marie Frontczak as Irene Castle

For over two decades Susan Marie has brought literature to life, created stories from thin air and honed personal experience into tales worth telling again and again. She performs in theaters, corporations, schools, libraries and festivals internationally.

Frank Mullen as Babe Ruth

Frank X. Mullen has performed at Chautauqua events since 1997. He has played Huey Long, Albert Einstein, Henry VIII, Benedict Arnold, J.P. Morgan, mountain man Caleb Geeenwood and Edward R. Murrow. Frank will bring us Babe Ruth.

Frank Mullen as Bube Ruth

Frank is the Reno Gazette-Journal reporter who is known for his hard-hitting investigative series, and is also a historian and author. In his spare time, Mullen teaches journalism classes at the University of Nevada.